Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting REAL here

Getting real here
Here is one of our kitchen counters about 5 minutes ago.  It's what I call has ground zero.  Unopened apple sauce needing to be put away, a lunch bag,a pile of random papers, a unread news paper, current spring candle etc.  YIKES! 
Even this Type A personality has a dumping ground currently ;o)
Mind you we are still unpacking

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We've Moved

Wow!  It has happened we've finally moved into our new house.  Isaac and I have worked so hard to make the dream of being home owners a reality.  Closing was amazing.  It was quick and so amazing.  The nerves didn't hit until I was about to step into the escrow office to sign papers. 
Our awesome Realtor was there to hold our hands..Ha!  No we just all joked around for the most part.  As I stated before closing went fast and guess who forgot to take a picture of the signing paper work.  Yeah, that's right I did. Oops but we rushed to the CB house to grab our dogs and head to the new house for the night.
Oh yes we did.  We had KFC for dinner on the floor of our new living room watching wreck it Ralph.  Come bedtime we all crashed on the floor in the master bedroom.  We all had such a rush all day that we were out by 10.
Kayden's first time riding in a big truck and 1st move that he remembers.
Stay tuned for more house updates

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Best email ever

"I wanted to let you know we received loan approval from the lender late Friday! Your loan is approved with the lender, which is great news! And Even better, they are not asking for any additional information from you! " Sent to us from our broker

I read this first thing this morning, and the first thing I did was text hubs to call me.  K happened to walk to into the room and he said "WHAT"  I guess he knew something was up.  I told him and he got the biggest smile ever and gave me the biggest HUG ever.  He's excited to get a bigger house that we can start our adoption journey in.  He than went running around the house laughing.  Hubs called and I got to share the news with him.  I could hear his huge smile over the phone.

The family is excited and now we are just waiting to schedule our closing date.  Sooner than later at this point.  Can't wait to move in and start the journey of making our new house our home :o)

All the glory to GOD