Saturday, April 9, 2011

were expecting a....

After a year of talking about it we have deiced that it's time to add our 2nd and last dog for a while. We contacted a breeder after talking to a few families who have gotten puppy's from her. We checked into it and after lots of thoughts we put our name on the list. Our boy was born 3/25/11 in a litter of 6 (4 males, 2 females) from Jasmine and Ace Newborn Photo2 Weeks old We start our visits at 5 weeks old. We are on the search for a name now. Bella is such a perfect dog to raise a puppy with and she needed a puppy pal. She was the happiest when my mom was at our house with her dog. Pup comes home at 8 weeks (May 20th) K wants to name him Radish

Guess the breed

Saving Money via couponing

I've been couponing for a while but not like this. This is week 2 of learning to use my coupon skills to save more money.
Target Run

$24.63 Spent / $31.40 Saved

Winn Dixie Run

Spent $3.49/ Saved $9.49

I'm going on week 6 now and I'm getting better at using my coupons. Our freezer is well stocked and in the need of a bigger one. No I'm not an extreme couponer but I do really plan our meals and store trips and yes I shop with my coupon binder.

Goal for April to save $40.00 on one trip..Wish me luck