Sunday, September 27, 2015

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This is where I am sharing life tibits, the adoption process, baking, house diys.  Homeschooling will still be here on blogger for the moment.  I am working on keeping at least 1 new blog post up a week on either the school blog or my more personal blog page.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Organizing January - Holiday Decor Part 3

Happily a Housewife put out the challenge of spending the month of January getting things in our life organized.  I'm taking that challenge with my own spin on it that fits my families life.  Basically not going to do all of the days as I just don't have time to do them all and school our son and put in inquiries on kiddos.

How I organize our holiday decor after the new year!

 On the 1st of the year I pull out all our holiday bins and line them up along the wall in our dining room.  Not that I actually take things down and put right into the bins.
Nope I pile things on the table first and something's stay up until I'm ready to  take them down. I still have a couple things up just waiting for me to head to the store to buy two more bins.  The day after Christmas I always wake up early to get Christmas décor for the next year.

So once I have bins out and I've added some caffeine to the system to keep going since now my house looks naked.  I start putting things away and labeling bins of what's in them.  I try to keep things together as best as I can.  I seem to have found my niche for how I like to decorate our home for the holidays.  This is only our 2nd Christmas in our home.


 This is how I label our bins.  Good ol'washi tape.  I have a label maker but I love how I can make them somewhat festive as we are slowly moving all our holiday décor to the same bins.  I do try to get color lids to go with the holiday but as you can see from picture above we have some white lids in there.

Christmas secret has things that are to be hidden from kids who believe still.  I speak of Kids as more than 1 but we only have 1 kid as of now (we are in the adoption process though).  I keep our family Santa bag/Elf/Elf reindeer and special things that I bought after Christmas to be used with Elf's return next year.   Basically once everything has its place and the bin is labeled we haul everything into the garage and store on the shelves.

 Nothing fancy but practical and things are easy to find when we're I mean I, am ready to decorate for Christmas.  So that is how we keep our Holiday décor organized and easy to find year after year.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Merry Christmas from our family to yours

Merry Christmas

This is late but we had to wait until everyone received our card before posting it on the blog.

It was a great November day when we got the best news ever.  I got word and shared it with our K who just melted in my arms crying.  He was so excited that he cried happy tears which made me cry.  K than called his dad and told him the news.

We have also been busy sending out our homestudy on kiddos.  cant wait to expand our family