Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My workout shoes..Nike+

Theses are the best.  I am hooked with being able to listen to music or even a good book while I walk or jog.
The new year or not I am hooked with at least getting 30min's or me time and my shoes.  Yes I love my shoes and all that they can do.  Now don't get me wrong they don't exercise for me or making me go faster but they are AWESOME.

So I have Nike+ shoes so they have a little chip in the sole of my shoe that talks to my Ipod.  There is an small adapter that I forgot in the photo that you have to use so that the chip can talk to the Ipod.  With this chip it can tell me how fast I'm going by my paces and my miles.  Yes tells you if you only go 200ft.  Or you can use the basic and count your steps.  I've been using the Ipod for nearly 3 years now and the chip-set and these shoes for just over a year.  Yes I know these shoes are not beat up for being over a year old, but a lot of crud made it that working out was hard for a few months.  Glad to be back to pounding the pavement.

Let me show you the shoe

You need to get Nike + shoes for the chip-set to really work.  I hear there is something you can put on your shoe strings.  My OCD wouldn't let that happen but if it doesn't matter to you might be a cheaper option  for you.  My shoes were about $100

This is the small chip and it's in the sole.  You wont feel it at all

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cream Puffs made with love!!!!!

Last night I was craving something sweet but no one wanted to run to Publix.  So what did the hubs and Kayden do made me some cream puffs.  They were good.  Simple and fast to make. 

Oh update on the allergies I am 100% better today.  Now if we can just turn up the heat here in Florida where we have been getting some freezing weather all week.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Allergies..nothing great about them

Short and quick tonight.  I am going between sneezing and cant stop to a drippy nose to stuffy nose.  I'm not having a great night when it comes to my allergies tonight.  Tomorrow I'll share what my sweet and adorable husband and son made me.

Heading to bed as these allergies are driving me crazy and I took my allergy medicine so now to let them settle into my system.

Have a great night

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's cold in FLORIDA..what do you do??

This Morning I woke up and it was 28 degree's.  Thank goodness I was out last night with all our towels covering our tropical plants.  Only bad thing is I'm OUT of towels :o)

Since it didn't get much warmer all day K and I just stayed in our Jammie's and robes and socks all day.  We are wimps when it's cold out.

So when hubs was on his way home I had him stop at Redbox and pick up a movie.

Well since it's on the cold side what's better than a hot chocolate.  Um nothing.  Don't let the cup fool you I used some great coupons and got a bunch of these cups for cheap.  They come in handy in the winter.

As you can see it did warm up some from the morning but it was dropping as the night was wrapping up. 

So laying on the sofa all snuggled up with a nice hot cup of cocoa with a movie is a good choice for me.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Jogging Buddy

This year I reclaiming my body back as best as I can as a 31 yr old.  With the help of my jogging partner I am on track plus more.  Last year was tough for working out I was pulled way too thin by some family issues that I didn't have the time to workout.  This year I am back to being ME and getting to workout once again.  I'm EXCITED

K has been working on his jogging so that he can workout with mom.  Even when my muscles are sore he's ready to go.  He's got a way to get you to put on those running shoes and go.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year brings out the NEW

2012 is here and I am happy.  This year I picked the word GROWTH as I see what the year shall bring. 

Both Hubs and I have growth to do but it's not about us growing as adults.  The 1st thing on our plate is to locate a church here in Florida.  I have stayed with our Washington church and almost afraid to find a new church as Living Water was amazing.  I have been looking and have a church that we're planning on trying this next Sunday.  Today I watched their service and it looks like the type of church family we're looking for. To grow Spiritually

With that said we are stepping up to the plate to finish paying off some small debts and the house hunt starts this Spring if all falls into place.

Growth as in a bigger home of a min. of 3 bedroom and 1.5 bath if not more and starting to build our family.  We have so much love and it plays on our hearts to share this love with more children.  Yes I said Children as we would love a family group if it's Gods will.

On the personal side I am working on becoming better at blogging with both my personal blog and also our school blog.  I hope to have a blog up at least once a week on one of the two blogs.

I am also taking charge of my young post menopause body.  I'm not going to let menopause make my life miserable.  It's been hard as I've always been fairly small 5'5 120lbs built of pure muscles.  I don't know anyone who gets this weight gain at my age 31.  It's just not suppose to happen yet.  OK starting to rant so all in all I am making a change little by little.

I also am making Friday nights a night of relaxation.  I have High anxiety from the reason that resulted in above when I was 18 so I need to learn how to RELAX.

So that is what the family and I are working on for the year.  If you Pray I ask that you lift us up as we GROW this year.