Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weekly grocery haul -Publix

      Well I'm going to give grocery hauls a whirl.  What can I say I'm a mom and I love to see what other moms are buying.  Yup sometimes I just want to be snoopy. Not competing with them just like to see the behind the scene of other families.  So lets get to it!
         This weeks haul didn't consisted of any meat as we are trying to clean out the old freezer.  The freezer products we did get don't go into that freezer are only snacks/lunch food.
Our every 2 weeks grocery budget is $150-$200 for a family of 3 and I'm  not afraid to use coupons.  If I can save money. I'm all for it!  Couponing takes me maybe 20 mins a week to gather what I need.  I use sites that do all the matching for me.
What I got this week (9/17)
Chili frozen meals -perfect for lunches but wont buy again due to the high sodium
Fries - are a staple in our house.  At least once a week we have fries
Pizza rolls - Great deal only reason we got so many.  Will last a while.
3 mix veggies
2 yogurt - for my yogurt loving child
Mashed potatoes- for those nights that I don't have time to whip them up from scratch
crackers  -  Son loves these
Kerry gold butter- on sale for a lot less than Wal-Mart and its the only butter we use
dry pasta - a staple for those nights you don't feel like cooking much
Fresh pasta - a couple of planned meals
Bushes beans -Mexican dinner nights
Total After deals and coupons