Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Indoor Christmas Decor

I don't have a ton of space in our tiny tiny house so these are my displays for the season.  Next year I hope I get that new house for Christmas with more space to decorate.

I started my Nativity last year and I am in LOVE with this collection
Willow Tree

 My little village that was passed down to me from my grandma.  This is only a few of the houses that I got.  She had such a big village that all of us grand children got some of the village.

He's our tree this year nothing fancy.  These are our whimsical tree ornaments which I plan to put on a white tree once I have a place to put a white tree.  YES, I will be the person with a few trees.  Just love the idea of different theme trees through out the house.  Oh I am excited just thinking about it

This is our mini frame tree.  As you can see I have yet to fill all the frames yet. 

Well this is our living room as of now. 

Seasons Greetings!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We were in a parade

We were in a local parade with SeaRay boats.  K rode in the boat and threw candy at my head.  OK the children but I was walking next to the boat so I was dodging candy left and right.
We went through 200lbs of candy.  How crazy is that?????  We had fun and a great workout for hubs and I who walked the whole thing. 

Enjoy the photo's of our float

On our ride back to the highschool we all jumped on board.

This boat would make anyone HAPPY Christmas morning :o)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ponce 6 Months....a little late

Ponce Sebastian
6 Months old

September 25th 2011

Only breed Issue at the moment is a Cherry eye which is easy to massage back in.  However he's so playful it pops out all the time.  Are we going to stitch it in NO have heard from so many who have had it done and they don't work for long.  it's not bothering him or us so why put him through that.  Also our vet said because he is young as his eyes grow it may even just pop back in (Writing this almost near his 8th Month it's already smaller).  At the point it causes Issues we will talk about having the 3rd lid removed with saving the duct with worst case is removing it and putting in daily drops.

Has a little Mohawk on the top of his head.

totally a mama's boy

Loves squeaky toys/chewies

let's me dress him up with cute shirts/jackets/jeans and pajama's

working on leash training

goes into cage when told him night night, however he doesn't sleep there at night

Very little accidents in the house but I'm home all day only time for accidents are early morning

Learning basic commands such as sit/down/come

Has learned to climb the ladder on sons playset and slide down the slide.

loves to be held by mama on the swing

Just a little bit about Poncy

Fall time @ Disney World

Happy 40th Birthday Walt Disney World

Mr. Duck as what K calls him

Enjoying some street dancing

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Saturday

Lunch for a somewhat lazy Saturday. Brown rice topped with sugar snap peas.  YUM and good for you. 

As you all know I have been gone from here for a LONG time.  I have had a TON on my plate the past 10 Months.  It's finally starting to slow down just to speed up again come November.

What's to come once November hits

THE HOLIDAYS are always a blast.  We don't have family down here in Florida so we end up making ALL those memories for our buggy (K)  I wouldn't change it though because I LOVE doing all of this for my in the house family.  Miss our extended family though.

2nd I am getting our fiances where they need to be to buy a much bigger house for our growing family.

Yes you heard me right our growing family.  We are starting our adoption the 1st of the year.  OK, may not happen on the 1st but will be started in January with our agency.  We are ready to share our love with some more kiddos.  K is pretty excited too have some siblings. 

And I am homeschooling and taking care of the home chores.  But for now it's nice to have my plate less then full for a little bit.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Loft gift card contest

If your like me and LOVE nice clothes.  This is your chance to enter in a contest for a LOFT gift card.  Join me and entering for a chance to add to your wardrobe.  LOFT clothes are AMAZING

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Be the 2nd to know

We are starting the adoption journey now with the hopes of our homestudy taking place come Janurary.

We are going the interstate adoption route with a local agency

The fundraising will start shortly for our adoption

We are on the track to move to a bigger home late this year early 2012 making room for a child or sibling group to call home.

Please pray for us on this journey

Step one - have family photo taken

Step two - paper chase

Step three -  take our cert. training class

Step four - Make 1st payment to agency for homestudy

Step five - Homestudy

Step six - Searching system/refferal

Step seven - accepting

Step eight - waiting on states prociding

Step nine - visiting

Step ten -WAITING

Step eleven - welcoming home

Step twelve- home visits

Step thirteen - finialization

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The time is nearing

It's been a while since I have been on here but I've been working hard.

You see we have been working towards some goals for our life story and we are about to embark on an exciting time in our life story. We are in the last stage until we start the search coming January.

Yes you heard me right SEARCH.

We are making our last repairs on our credit (medical..I state because it happened right between medical coverage IT HAPPENS) we are now at the point of recovery and just working on the savings point for the down payment.

We will start the search come January. Why January because it's after the busiest time of the year for us, the FALL. January is our slow time so it will allow us to really focus on what we're looking for. We are in all hopes that we are moving by April to a bigger house with a room for school and siblings for the K man. Yes, we will start that process shortly after we move to a house which will allow for us to adopt our little girls.

K is excited for siblings and he knows we will be moving sometime after Christmas from the house he's lived in for the past 6.5 yrs. A special place yes but just way too small for us and our growing family.

Can't wait to start the search and yes I will be blogging and vloging the process. Will be looking for a starter that we can put our touches on. Mr. Handyman is wanting to fix something for our own house and not just for friends.

Keep watching....Until January not much besides for how things are coming together for January's search.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday wish ~ WINK~

Dear hubs,

if you are wondering what you can get me for my birthday this year a gift card from Sephora would be amazing. I need a couple new make-up brushes so I'm not picking little whiskers off my face because mine is shedding.

A new wallet from Coach would be amazing as well. I want one that has a zipper closure would be awesome I think they are called billfolds but I really have no idea.

Love you hun

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I've been busy..Ponce 10wks

I am in one of my house cleaning modes again...LOL They always hit in the spring and right before Christmas. I tend to just load it all up and sending it off to a local thrift store. This time I am going to try to have a yard sale. My son asked me if he can make cookies and lemonade to sell and donate to a blog friend of ours. So next weekend we are setting up to sell off our stuff. I have no idea how it will go but worth a try.

K and I have been busy with our new summer school schedule. We are traveling around the world (not really traveling just learning about different places) This week we're in Mexico.

Our baby Ponce is now 10 weeks almost 11 wks..Photo posted above. So we are potty training and getting ready to start leash training in another week (12 wks)

On top of all of this I am working on things with my mom and currently have her dog at our place. He's a nice doggy but untrained.

I'm working on a video project for all the stay at home moms or just moms. That's I'm going to say for now of the project as not sure when I will get to post my 1st video as I'm having camera issues right now.

Keep watching for my post.

I've have a few amazing hauls from loft shopping to , drug store shopping with coupons and so on.

Make sure to follow me

Monday, May 30, 2011

Walgreen 5-27- 5-29 90% savings


Spent a total of $5.78 on $60.40 worth of stuff

Photo is missing 1 box of mac and cheese and some red vine licorice

They were out of a couple of things on my list but I still did an amazing job. Would of been a little better of a deal had they had the products in stock. But those deals last all week so I will try again later this week when I am out and about.

Happy Couponing

Thursday, May 26, 2011

my coupon book

These are my coupons. and my shopping list. I have different days I do different types of shopping. I am by far not an extreme coupon er, but I do try my best to save money. Why do I coupon? I do it to save money for other important things like ADOPTING, buying a house and just being smart with the money that my husband works hard to make. I do my part with making our funds stay in our pockets instead of paying full price on food. Yes there are lots of coupons out there for processed food but you don't have to eat ONLY processed food. In fact I round out our meals keeping sugar, salts lower. I guess I should say within a healthily limit based on the cdc standards.

I started couponing with just clipping coupons of products that I wanted or needed just at that moment on sale or not. did that for years. About a year ago I started to match coupons with sales but not seriously. 4 months ago I really started to take couponing seriously. Go figured I didn't start this when we dealt with money issues with furloughs with hubs job back in 2008. I started getting serious about it when jobs have improved. oh well I'll be ready if anything happens. My biggest save today is 99% but that is NOT common for me. My excuse is that I live in one of the toughest states to coupon in. Do double couponing here. Can't wait for my fall trip to SC to give doubling a shot. Washington were i use to live even doubles now :o(

in my coupon book i have my coupons sorted by category and in baseball card sheets and in my coupon holder I have my clipped coupons going to be used for each shopping transaction and also my coupons about to expire, online coupon codes.

i get my coupons online, Catalina's, peelies, blinkies and the news paper. My stores do alot of BOGO so I always get at least 2 of each coupon. cost my $8 a month in news papers but I save far more then I spend getting coupons. at first it took me a few hours a day getting everything put together but now it takes maybe 2 hours a week to clip my coupons, put them in the binder, make my shopping list& matches and pull all coupons and so on. I schedule my couponing and shopping trips through out the week and for most of my couponing is at night once son is in bed or out with his dad and normally while catching up on shows recorded (criminal minds and the talk normally)

Well that is my brief on my couponing

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ponce is home


Ponce Sebastian ........

8 wks old

5lbs 2 oz

We went and picked him up from the breeder at his 8 wk vet appt. He was given a clean bill of health and given shots. It was a long drive home but Ponce did awesome he slept most the way home snuggled in my lap.

The adjustment has gone great hardly any whining at all we are all enjoying having a baby in the house even if it's covered in fur and breath smells..LOL hubs likes puppy breath. EWWW! but he's so snuggling.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

I had one of the best days of relaxing for Mothers day. I was able to sleep in and when I woke up I got the cutest card from my baby boy and a thing for my van so I can use listen to my music on my ipod and a flower pot and cake decorated by K. Isaac got my favorite donuts and an IOU for my mothers day/ birthday gift of an Ipad. And he sent me out to get my mom and we both got some cute hair cuts. I also got some really sweet messages from my dad and brother to wish me a happy mothers day. Those calls made my day. Just in love with my family

Love you all

Photo to come I think hubs put them on his computer

Ponce is 6 weeks

Ponce is now 6 weeks old. The breeder likes to pose the puppies for their 6 weeks photos and this is what she came up with for Ponce. The funny thing is that she had no idea that my dad is in LOVE with John Deere. Isn't he just the cutest puppy

2 more weeks and he's going to be forever home with his excited family

His name is Ponce after Ponce Inlet and after our beloved Sebastian (Sebastian Inlet) who went home to wait for us 1.5 yrs ago.
We love you and miss you Sebastian Always and Forever Buddy boy

Orlandocockers <-- The breeder

Saturday, April 9, 2011

were expecting a....

After a year of talking about it we have deiced that it's time to add our 2nd and last dog for a while. We contacted a breeder after talking to a few families who have gotten puppy's from her. We checked into it and after lots of thoughts we put our name on the list. Our boy was born 3/25/11 in a litter of 6 (4 males, 2 females) from Jasmine and Ace Newborn Photo2 Weeks old We start our visits at 5 weeks old. We are on the search for a name now. Bella is such a perfect dog to raise a puppy with and she needed a puppy pal. She was the happiest when my mom was at our house with her dog. Pup comes home at 8 weeks (May 20th) K wants to name him Radish

Guess the breed

Saving Money via couponing

I've been couponing for a while but not like this. This is week 2 of learning to use my coupon skills to save more money.
Target Run

$24.63 Spent / $31.40 Saved

Winn Dixie Run

Spent $3.49/ Saved $9.49

I'm going on week 6 now and I'm getting better at using my coupons. Our freezer is well stocked and in the need of a bigger one. No I'm not an extreme couponer but I do really plan our meals and store trips and yes I shop with my coupon binder.

Goal for April to save $40.00 on one trip..Wish me luck

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What we've done today

We woke up to RAIN this morning. It drizzled until after lunch. K put on his rain boots and grabbed his umbrella and went out for a good stomp in the puddles. Once he came in and got dry we started with school with some 4 leaf clover making with paint.
K had so much fun making shamrocks that he ended up painting for an hour. We did our school lessons for the day.

I then did some house cleaning mainly vacuuming up the small dog our dog leaves behind every time she lays on the rug. Love her but I could do without the fur all over the carpet. K and I we're training miss Bella (our dog) when we say Pillow to go to her pillow and lay down. She's really smart so it wont take her to long to get it. We say Night night and she goes to her night bed. So cute if you ask me.

Made dinner of seasoned potato half's (small) peas and hamburger helper (it's not a normal thing in the house so sorta a treat for me..LOL)
And for dessert we're going to have the cake that K made by himself yesterday. I only helped with the oven and frosting. YUM

super annoyed with someone in the house (Hubby's) not listening to me when I tell him that we don't have any Drano stuff..AHHHH he's still searching. in a way it's funny as I am the one who buys all cleaning supplies and also the one who use the cleaning supplies.

I just sent my little man off to go to his work desk to do his homework so I have some free time to blog and sit down.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Real Friday


Sometimes my desk looks like this002


Coupon/Price Binder

Finances Binder

Grocery/stock up shopping list

IPod with wires still attached to the laptop even though I’m not charging the pod

old school books waiting for our local homeschool book sale

Photo’s that I need to take to the store to buy frames for so I can finally get them up on the wall (6 months waiting..Opps)

Homeschool book catalog

Change jar for our adoption

the list goes on but this is how the desk looks most the time.  I think I need a few shelf's near my work station for home binders and school stuff so I can get to them easily without them taking over my desk.  Yes I know I have seen worst but I am a type A personality and this is cluttered to me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Homemade Chocolate covered straeberries

Chocolate covered Strawberries...YUM!
Washed and dried
The dipping and decorating

1TB of veggie oil
keep the chocolate moving it burns easily (on low med)
Chocolate and water don't mix so make sure the berries are dry

Simple, easy and YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!