Monday, January 31, 2011

Cleaning up the filing cabinet

Filing Cabinet clean up

This was my dreaded task at hand. I have been putting this off and off and off.

This took me about 2 years to actually start pulling it all out and going through the cabinet.

Well I started about a week ago when I did some research so I could get a general idea of the RIGHT things I need to file and get rid of the stuff just taking up space...Yeah I am a hoarder of instruction manuals. OK I never knew i was hoarding these but oh my goodness there was a TON in here.
I had stuff stuffed on top of the files just to file it away.

I hate clutter. Well, in fact I have high Anxiety over clutter. Yes we can say OCD a little bit. I just need a clean space. This cabinet seriously has given me a panic attack just thinking about having to get this under control. Ha!

Well, I took my time and have the files all cleaned out and ready for the 2nd step of labeling the files and grouping them. Yes another OCD I have to have a system in place otherwise here comes the Anxiety oh trying to find things.

What is left of the files. The stuff in the pink box is stuff that is being kept but in another system as some of it is things like my surgery info and K's and some school papers. But most in the box is empty filing folders that are no longer in use. Filled a few trash bags with shredded papers and Lot's of product instruction manuals
Will post an update once the system is finished..which I have planned for next week :o)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The House Wife

Well this is me. I am braving the camera with not much notice.. Ha K wanted to take my photo so i figured some may want to see who this Modern Housewife is.
Well this is me on a typical day
Jeans,tank top and my earrings and hair pulled back out of my face.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Books on my nightstand..2011

The nook has a few books downloaded that I plan to read this year.
My goal for the year is to read 15 books..Don't have a ton of time to read but this year I am making the time to sit down and take time out for myself.
Book of today
So long Insecurity..Beth Moore
Empty womb, aching heart..Marlo schalesky
Look Again ... Lisa Scottoline (READ)
This side of Heaven... Karen Kingsbury
The Duggars..Jim bob Duggar
Cutting your grocery bill in half..Steve Economides
America's Cheapest Family
The 7 highly Effective families..Stephen covey
Positive discipline..Jane Nelson
Blogging for bliss
The Bible (counts as 1)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Resolutions

This year is a big year for our family but for me in general I have a few resolutions that I pray to complete this year.

#1. My biggest one for the year is to read the Bible from cover to cover. Yes you heard me right the WHOLE bible. I want to know the WHOLE story not only bits and pieces of the story. I have already started the reading and I'm hooked. Now there are some really hard parts for me to muster through as of right now I don't get it. I am talking about the whole chapters on son of this person had these sons and those sons had those sons. Yes the family tree part and that's not bad it's trying to figure out some of the names and how to say them. Having a hard time with that even in my head....I tell ya they didn't make phonic names :o)

#2. I am also trying to read 15 books this year. For some that's not much but coming up with the time is hard. So for me I am having to teach myself to take that 3o-1hr for my self to sit down and enjoy some light hearted reading. As of today I have finished 1 book and I'll blog about the book in a few days. Awesome book about an adoption.

#3. eat breakfast...yeah another one of those things that I believe most do but not something I do all that often. Now it's not just to eat breakfast but to make healthy breakfast for both K and I to enjoy for we start school. So often I will make K food and me go without just because I would rather not eat as I'm not all that hungry. But, I am making myself eat on most mornings and it's been nice to sit down with K and small talk over things like oatmeal,quinoa some fruit and a glass of OJ.

#4. get our coupon binder going this year..yeah this has been something I've been wanting to do for a while so that I can keep coupon nice so that I will use them more....who doesn't like extra money in their pockets....

#5. Walk in a marathon just to do it.....Looking for a family one so that we can all do it together. we are already training..At least K and I are and he's making the 16 min mile (15min) and we have some time to keep training..he's trying to get to 14 min mile

off to get working on my resolutions

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Breakfast this morning....New year = another diet change for the family

1 3/4C oatmeal with 1T of brown sugar
8oz OJ
All I have to say is YUM
It's worth the cooking time no more instant stuff for our family.
We already eat fairly good if your looking at AMERICAN standards but that's not good enough for us. Adding more grains taking away a lot of sugars and unhealthy fats and adding more healthy fats to our diets and also lowering sodium.