Monday, November 14, 2011

Ponce 6 Months....a little late

Ponce Sebastian
6 Months old

September 25th 2011

Only breed Issue at the moment is a Cherry eye which is easy to massage back in.  However he's so playful it pops out all the time.  Are we going to stitch it in NO have heard from so many who have had it done and they don't work for long.  it's not bothering him or us so why put him through that.  Also our vet said because he is young as his eyes grow it may even just pop back in (Writing this almost near his 8th Month it's already smaller).  At the point it causes Issues we will talk about having the 3rd lid removed with saving the duct with worst case is removing it and putting in daily drops.

Has a little Mohawk on the top of his head.

totally a mama's boy

Loves squeaky toys/chewies

let's me dress him up with cute shirts/jackets/jeans and pajama's

working on leash training

goes into cage when told him night night, however he doesn't sleep there at night

Very little accidents in the house but I'm home all day only time for accidents are early morning

Learning basic commands such as sit/down/come

Has learned to climb the ladder on sons playset and slide down the slide.

loves to be held by mama on the swing

Just a little bit about Poncy

Fall time @ Disney World

Happy 40th Birthday Walt Disney World

Mr. Duck as what K calls him

Enjoying some street dancing