Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Indoor Christmas Decor

I don't have a ton of space in our tiny tiny house so these are my displays for the season.  Next year I hope I get that new house for Christmas with more space to decorate.

I started my Nativity last year and I am in LOVE with this collection
Willow Tree

 My little village that was passed down to me from my grandma.  This is only a few of the houses that I got.  She had such a big village that all of us grand children got some of the village.

He's our tree this year nothing fancy.  These are our whimsical tree ornaments which I plan to put on a white tree once I have a place to put a white tree.  YES, I will be the person with a few trees.  Just love the idea of different theme trees through out the house.  Oh I am excited just thinking about it

This is our mini frame tree.  As you can see I have yet to fill all the frames yet. 

Well this is our living room as of now. 

Seasons Greetings!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We were in a parade

We were in a local parade with SeaRay boats.  K rode in the boat and threw candy at my head.  OK the children but I was walking next to the boat so I was dodging candy left and right.
We went through 200lbs of candy.  How crazy is that?????  We had fun and a great workout for hubs and I who walked the whole thing. 

Enjoy the photo's of our float

On our ride back to the highschool we all jumped on board.

This boat would make anyone HAPPY Christmas morning :o)