Thursday, May 26, 2011

my coupon book

These are my coupons. and my shopping list. I have different days I do different types of shopping. I am by far not an extreme coupon er, but I do try my best to save money. Why do I coupon? I do it to save money for other important things like ADOPTING, buying a house and just being smart with the money that my husband works hard to make. I do my part with making our funds stay in our pockets instead of paying full price on food. Yes there are lots of coupons out there for processed food but you don't have to eat ONLY processed food. In fact I round out our meals keeping sugar, salts lower. I guess I should say within a healthily limit based on the cdc standards.

I started couponing with just clipping coupons of products that I wanted or needed just at that moment on sale or not. did that for years. About a year ago I started to match coupons with sales but not seriously. 4 months ago I really started to take couponing seriously. Go figured I didn't start this when we dealt with money issues with furloughs with hubs job back in 2008. I started getting serious about it when jobs have improved. oh well I'll be ready if anything happens. My biggest save today is 99% but that is NOT common for me. My excuse is that I live in one of the toughest states to coupon in. Do double couponing here. Can't wait for my fall trip to SC to give doubling a shot. Washington were i use to live even doubles now :o(

in my coupon book i have my coupons sorted by category and in baseball card sheets and in my coupon holder I have my clipped coupons going to be used for each shopping transaction and also my coupons about to expire, online coupon codes.

i get my coupons online, Catalina's, peelies, blinkies and the news paper. My stores do alot of BOGO so I always get at least 2 of each coupon. cost my $8 a month in news papers but I save far more then I spend getting coupons. at first it took me a few hours a day getting everything put together but now it takes maybe 2 hours a week to clip my coupons, put them in the binder, make my shopping list& matches and pull all coupons and so on. I schedule my couponing and shopping trips through out the week and for most of my couponing is at night once son is in bed or out with his dad and normally while catching up on shows recorded (criminal minds and the talk normally)

Well that is my brief on my couponing

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