Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014

               2013 will always be a year that we will always remember.  We bought a bigger home where we can build our family via adoption.  We went from a 2 bedroom 1 bath home that was 800sq ft to a 1500 Sq ft home with a 500 sqft garage 3 bedrooms 2 bath rooms with a school room/playroom.  We have gained awesome neighbors which was a positive to the new house for the year.  Hubs was kept on with his job when they closed the plant.  Such a blessing in our life.  Getting back on our Debt free financial track since moving and getting caught in all the moving expense's and learning a whole new pay schedule. <--- just threw me off for a month or 2.  Had to retrain myself to what bills came out when.  We had our first home remodel of opening up the kitchen so that I could be in there cooking or cleaning and still see what the child/ren are up to.  Now to just finish the kitchen but that is on the back burning until after the adoption process.

                       Speaking about the adoption process - we are fully funded for the home study.  Huge thing when adopting.  I wish I could say I'm not nervous but I am.  Not loosing sleep over it yet but its not yet scheduled.  We are scheduling by the end of Jan, 2014.  So exciting but so nerve racking.  Goodness I hope this is a normal reaction to having a first time home study done.  K is excited to having brothers and sisters join our family.  This is going to be a huge adjustment for him so we are trying to talk him through the process as its happening.  We've had lots of talks about how he's going to have to share his parents and he says hes fine with that but I know once they are here the adjustment for him will start.  Praying this is our last year as a family of 1 child to love.  We have room in our hearts for as many as GOD feels our family can handle.

My personal goals for 2014 is to

House - Finish the Kids/guest Bathroom, Have Kids rooms painted, Girls room closet put together
Health - Eat breakfast
Family - Go out on a date with the husband at least once a month, welcome a son or daughter or both :o),
Pets - Get Ponce Fixed
Blog - Write more
Baby steps - Fully Funded emergency fund

Stay  posted for more updates on the happenings in the family

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