Saturday, September 3, 2011

Be the 2nd to know

We are starting the adoption journey now with the hopes of our homestudy taking place come Janurary.

We are going the interstate adoption route with a local agency

The fundraising will start shortly for our adoption

We are on the track to move to a bigger home late this year early 2012 making room for a child or sibling group to call home.

Please pray for us on this journey

Step one - have family photo taken

Step two - paper chase

Step three -  take our cert. training class

Step four - Make 1st payment to agency for homestudy

Step five - Homestudy

Step six - Searching system/refferal

Step seven - accepting

Step eight - waiting on states prociding

Step nine - visiting

Step ten -WAITING

Step eleven - welcoming home

Step twelve- home visits

Step thirteen - finialization

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