Tuesday, December 28, 2010

his and her's gifts to each other..Christmas 2010

Well Hubs and I gave each other some pretty awesome gifts this year. I have been wanting to start my fiesta ware collection for some time and this year I was blessed with some new plates and bowls. I am one lucky gal :o)

I pulled off the biggest surprise of the year with Hubs New coffee maker. Our little Santa's helper tried to give hubs and gift which would of given away the gift so I had to jump up and say NO this one..Wish I would of taken a photo of his smile when he saw what was in the BIG box that he thought was for the little man....I am stoked that I pulled it off I'm not good at keeping secrets of this kind.

Miss Bella Boo opening up one of her gifts...Loving this tennis ball that squeaks

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