Thursday, March 10, 2011

What we've done today

We woke up to RAIN this morning. It drizzled until after lunch. K put on his rain boots and grabbed his umbrella and went out for a good stomp in the puddles. Once he came in and got dry we started with school with some 4 leaf clover making with paint.
K had so much fun making shamrocks that he ended up painting for an hour. We did our school lessons for the day.

I then did some house cleaning mainly vacuuming up the small dog our dog leaves behind every time she lays on the rug. Love her but I could do without the fur all over the carpet. K and I we're training miss Bella (our dog) when we say Pillow to go to her pillow and lay down. She's really smart so it wont take her to long to get it. We say Night night and she goes to her night bed. So cute if you ask me.

Made dinner of seasoned potato half's (small) peas and hamburger helper (it's not a normal thing in the house so sorta a treat for me..LOL)
And for dessert we're going to have the cake that K made by himself yesterday. I only helped with the oven and frosting. YUM

super annoyed with someone in the house (Hubby's) not listening to me when I tell him that we don't have any Drano stuff..AHHHH he's still searching. in a way it's funny as I am the one who buys all cleaning supplies and also the one who use the cleaning supplies.

I just sent my little man off to go to his work desk to do his homework so I have some free time to blog and sit down.

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