Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's cold in FLORIDA..what do you do??

This Morning I woke up and it was 28 degree's.  Thank goodness I was out last night with all our towels covering our tropical plants.  Only bad thing is I'm OUT of towels :o)

Since it didn't get much warmer all day K and I just stayed in our Jammie's and robes and socks all day.  We are wimps when it's cold out.

So when hubs was on his way home I had him stop at Redbox and pick up a movie.

Well since it's on the cold side what's better than a hot chocolate.  Um nothing.  Don't let the cup fool you I used some great coupons and got a bunch of these cups for cheap.  They come in handy in the winter.

As you can see it did warm up some from the morning but it was dropping as the night was wrapping up. 

So laying on the sofa all snuggled up with a nice hot cup of cocoa with a movie is a good choice for me.

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