Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My workout shoes..Nike+

Theses are the best.  I am hooked with being able to listen to music or even a good book while I walk or jog.
The new year or not I am hooked with at least getting 30min's or me time and my shoes.  Yes I love my shoes and all that they can do.  Now don't get me wrong they don't exercise for me or making me go faster but they are AWESOME.

So I have Nike+ shoes so they have a little chip in the sole of my shoe that talks to my Ipod.  There is an small adapter that I forgot in the photo that you have to use so that the chip can talk to the Ipod.  With this chip it can tell me how fast I'm going by my paces and my miles.  Yes tells you if you only go 200ft.  Or you can use the basic and count your steps.  I've been using the Ipod for nearly 3 years now and the chip-set and these shoes for just over a year.  Yes I know these shoes are not beat up for being over a year old, but a lot of crud made it that working out was hard for a few months.  Glad to be back to pounding the pavement.

Let me show you the shoe

You need to get Nike + shoes for the chip-set to really work.  I hear there is something you can put on your shoe strings.  My OCD wouldn't let that happen but if it doesn't matter to you might be a cheaper option  for you.  My shoes were about $100

This is the small chip and it's in the sole.  You wont feel it at all

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