Saturday, July 7, 2012

How I packed for our vacation and what i took

I always wondered how people pack for vacations and still looked cute without bring 50 bags.  Yes our trip was only for 3 days but still this is what I brought

 All the shoes I brought for each outfit and than my trainers as our resort had a nice workout room
 This is my outfit for the 4th of the July...Top and necklace from Loft.  I also wore pearl earrings.  This outfit was worn with my flats
 This outfit was my relaxing causal look.  Michael Kors white shorts, basic black shirts paired with my Banana republic scarf.  And I had my pearl earrings in once again.  I work the black flips with this outfit
 This was my birthday outfit.  Black top with flare arms and some comfy jean shorts to dress the top down just a little.  Gold necklace from the Loft.  I word my rose gold flips with this outfit and gold stud earrings.
 This I wore after the pool to go pick up dinner with the family and  to watch fireworks from our balcony on the 5th.  Sweater just to cover my arms in the evening
This is my swim suit and cover up...This is from the loft and the suit I have no clue anymore its a couple seasons old now.  Time to get something new

I left everything on the hangers and packed them up in my suit case so when we got to the hotel I just took them out and hung them up.  Took me about 2 Min's to unpack and when it was time to go home it was in my laundry pile and ready to go in the laundry bag for the ride home.  And my outfits where all put together so getting ready ever day was cut in half so more time to enjoy everything that goes along with vacation

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