Wednesday, January 16, 2013


                Let the journey start.  Yesterday we met with the lender and did paperwork for getting things on the road for a bigger house.

                 The Journey of Yesterday started with us gathering everything Monday evening.  Being the organized person I am I highlighted dates and put all papers in order and pinned them together.  I almost ran to the store to get a file box just for this process.  Yes, I am getting one this Saturday.  Any how after we got the papers together we just chilled out as a family watching TV.  Tuesday morning it all started to hit me of this HUGE life event about to hit.  I have Anxiety so I just kept myself busy until it was time to get ready to head out.

Long story short Isaac and I met at the lenders office as he came straight from work.  There was nerves but as we walked in the door we were kindly greeted and sat in the conference room.  Jeff Came in with our file and the work started.  We talked numbers and asked lots of questions.  My main question for me was about if there was any penalties for prepayment.  Like everything we do we plan to pay the house off ASAP.  We have been renting for 7.5 years at $1,000 a month and we've never missed a payment.  Our goal is to keep our same motto as before and that's bills first play later.  Mind you that doesn't mean we pay everything we have just means that we pay our bills first and what is left can be used for the fun things in life.  The hubs and I walked out of the meeting happy with a sigh of relief when he told us that we are ready to go and can start looking at houses.

Sorry no photo of us at the lenders office but I will post pictures of the house hunt; which starts FRIDAY

 We are first time home buyers as we just cleared up all the past medical bills we feel God placed us right were we're suppose to be with these low interest rates.  The Timing just couldn't be better really.  We fully believe this is Gods doing.  He's had his hands all over us from moving to FL 8 yrs ago, To giving hubs a job the next day after arriving down here.  Giving us strength to get through the tough first year of having little to nothing.  Finding a house that would sustain us until the day we move into our own place.  We give all GLORY TO GOD AS HE HAS PROVIDED through all of our trials and triumphs.

Will post Friday or Saturday with house hunting pictures

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