Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We've Moved

Wow!  It has happened we've finally moved into our new house.  Isaac and I have worked so hard to make the dream of being home owners a reality.  Closing was amazing.  It was quick and so amazing.  The nerves didn't hit until I was about to step into the escrow office to sign papers. 
Our awesome Realtor was there to hold our hands..Ha!  No we just all joked around for the most part.  As I stated before closing went fast and guess who forgot to take a picture of the signing paper work.  Yeah, that's right I did. Oops but we rushed to the CB house to grab our dogs and head to the new house for the night.
Oh yes we did.  We had KFC for dinner on the floor of our new living room watching wreck it Ralph.  Come bedtime we all crashed on the floor in the master bedroom.  We all had such a rush all day that we were out by 10.
Kayden's first time riding in a big truck and 1st move that he remembers.
Stay tuned for more house updates

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