Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Boxes Boxes and more Boxes

The Packing has started as we have FOUND a house. 
 I will show the house once we have the keys in hand.  After losing a house due to Seller backing out, Losing to a cash offer, to a bad realtor practice (not ours) and another seller who just really didn't know what she wanted (house on the market 500 plus days)  Yikes and I thought our job of finding a house was hard.  We are just keeping it under wraps for a little while.
Kayden has been to the house and he approves!  He's one excited kiddo as we get ready to leave the only house he remembers (12M-8yr)
Kaydens room is one of our staging areas for boxes as his room will be the last to be painted back to dreadful basic white. The green things on the walls are labels.  I know!  Who does that?  Yes we can say a little OCD here.  Ha, it keeps me sane to have order esp in this major stressful event.

 The master is coming apart.  I mean literally.  Look under that window shaker A/C unit.  This house has so much settling happening and when the A/C broke 2 summers ago it all got wet.  Well, the plaster is OLD and was wet so it's just crumbling.  EWWWW!  Yes I painted around the area that needed fixed with plans to paint when it was done.  Looks like that is NOT happening now.

 Our love seat is covered in framed photo's, which all need to be wrapped and packed up.  For now this works as they will be some of the last things in the moving truck so they will be the first things out of the truck.
 Kaydens count down for the move.  Can you see that we had to extend the dates from the 1st house to the house that we picked.
Yes this house was the 5th house but it's by far our favorite of the 5 we thought we loved.  This house is move in ready.  Not saying we aren't going to do anything but not right away as we want to settle a little and feel the flow pattern before we do much.  There is only 1 thing that will happen right away but again will share that juicy details later once we have the keys in hand

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