Monday, October 6, 2014

New Fridge review

Introducing our brand new fridge.  So excited to have our first brand spanking new fridge.  Something about having that shinny thing in the kitchen.  Since our family cooks most of our meals from scratch we needed more room for our growing family.  We did have to make the wall next to the fridge larger to get the old fridge out and this one in.  Now just need hubs to finish a small part of the wall.  He wants to do that when we update the kitchen.  We'll see, just depends on when that project starts.  We've had the fridge for 5 months now and we are still in love with the room we have.

Come with me as I show you in side this GEM

Door has filtered water, ice, door alarm if door is left open, and best thing is a measuring feature.  Son uses that feature a lot.  He loves going in and getting so many ounces to drink.  I love it because it encourages son to drink more water.

The top of our French door fridge is the fridge.  No bending down or cramming things into a side by side.

Can I hear the Angels sing when you just look at this fridge.  I am blessed to have such a nice energy saving fridge.  Produce actually last longer.  Old fridge if a produce wasn't used within 3 days it was wilting or turning colors.  Not in this fridge!  We can take advantage of the salads from Sams now and not worry about them going bad so quick.  Best of all we have enough room in our fridge that we can grocery shop once a week and see what we have.  That last part is the best thing "SEE WHAT WE HAVE" We now reach for those left overs and everything else. We even have a deli drawer and we use that A LOT.  No wasted space in this fridge.
 The 2nd best part of this fridge is coming next.
Wait for it!
Wait for it!
Ta da!
The Snack Drawer
I fill this weekly where its lacking.  Yes, I did just fill the drawer!  I try to keep somewhat healthy options for us to grab quickly.  This was a major selling point for us.  Some of you may know that we are in the adoption process and we wanted to have a drawer that the kids can open and grab what they need.  The rule for this drawer is that "if your hungry you can grab something from the snack drawer"  As you can see we do have Soda in there but that can change if that gets out of hand.  Love the fact that son can grab something to eat when he's hungry and its leaving the main part of the fridge still closed.  Energy saving drawer.
The freezer

We don't keep the meat and frozen veggies in here.  We keep quick breakfast meals, fries, corn dogs etc. in the drawers.  Pizzas in the pizza slot in the door.  Ice cream, popsicles, frozen fruit, smoothie packs etc. in the bottom drawer.  We keep our meats, veggies, freezer meals in another freezer that we only open maybe once a day to take something out.  This helps keep the kids out from leaving the freezer door open searching for a treat.

I wouldn't change a thing.  If you don't have a 2nd freezer than the drawers might be a little shallow if your like us and cook a lot.

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