Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekly Grocery/household Haul - Target

Target (non-super center)
Things were just off for me as I was breaking routine and going a day early.  Didn't think much about it but you could just feel the change in routine.  K was with me as his dad happened to work over time and couldn't watch K.  The reason I went a day early was that we were having our 2nd homestudy visit the next day.  That ended up getting changed as well.  That's just another story when I write about our adoption process.
So K and I went shopping and found almost everything we need to complete dinners on the menu for the week.  We ended up with lots of fall treats as well.
Here is our Weekly shopping haul
Motts juice- the deal was really good this week.
Garlic pwd -Got to keep the vampires away ;o)
Apple cider -This just screams FALL
Fun size candy and M&Ms for all the fall baskets around the house
Hotdog buns
Triscuits - you'll see these almost week.  A staple for son and I
Brats - planned meal
Tilapia - another planned meal
2 trail mixes - Snack drawer
Pumpkin bagels - YUM!
Dish tabs - because we ran out
Kandoo - great for kids bathrooms
Baby wipes - For the van for the sticky fingers or messy faces
My little treasures
Cute pencils for my desk, note cards to send (RAKS and selling old school books) <-- blog about later. Cute PINK polkadot socks.

                                                Total = $74.92 (before Cartwheel)

                                                            Paid = $49.42

Don't know about you but that's $25.50 that we can spend on other things for the family

We did grab produce else were which came to be another $15 (Asparagus, Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, raspberries)

Total spent on grocery's this week $65

                                                        See you next week with our grocery haul!

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