Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weekly grocery Haul -Target

Target Grocery shopping
This week we are trying to clear out the meats we already have so only needed a few staples this week to complete meals.  Most of this will be used in the next couple of weeks not just this weeks menu.
What we got
6 Frozen veggies
Cheese ravioli
Tatar tots - for Tatar tot casserole
Hash browns - Breakfast burritos for the hubs to take to work
yogurt for my yogurt loving child
Pumpkin yogurt - because I am in love with pumpkin
shredded cheese
ground beef
box of sugar. Oh I mean Trix
Pumpkin spice bagels - Umm these are AMAZING!
tortillas in two different sizes
trail mix - I divide this up into snack bags and throw into the snack drawer (future post)
Pesto - We love our pesto chicken
plain bread crumbs
pumpkin pie pop tarts
Mac and cheese - not planned but a nice staple in the pantry for THOSE days you don't feel like cooking much.
Black beans - Staple
Red beans - Staple
Gatorade and some chews we got for free
Cute clipboard needed for school (me)

                                                Total -$75.92 before using cartwheel App

                                                                         Paid - $67.59

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