Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weekly grocery haul - Lots of different stores this week

This week was a wild one.  Son got Strep throat for the first time in his 10 years of life.  He wasn't a happy camper.  So basically Tuesday we had our last homestudy visit before our homestudy is written.  About an hour later we went to grab some food and K said his throat was hurting.  As the night went on it was only getting worst.  He tried to sleep but he was struggling with that and told me he needed to go to the ER.  I calmed him down finally about 2 AM.  I was online seeing if we had a walk in open for him and found nothing.  I knew it wasn't ER important.  Finally got him to sleep around 3 AM and I laid with him.  Waking up every hour checking on him.  At 8 I was up and calling the ped's office to get him in.  Yup, what I thought it was.  STREP THROAT!  Got him on medicine ASAP and loaded up on soft foods and drinks. 
As you can see in the first photo there are LOTS of soft types of foods.  Think we only got 2 things in this first haul that actually goes with meals on the weekly menu.
So Wednesday and Thursday when K didn't feel like eating much hubs and I just ate subs and salads.
Friday we went to Disney so we ate in Orlando.  - 21 burgers and K was feeling much better and apparently very hungry for burgers as he downed the whole burger and fries.  That's odd for him we almost always need to take the rest to go.  Maybe the burgers we're just AMAZING.

First Photo is from Publix $12.76, Wal-Mart $30.16 and Target $29.13 <-- got storage bins and dish soap as well.
What we got
P- Cheetos puffs
P- 2 lemonades
T - Pumpkin spice bagels
W - banana's
T - 2 Gatorade
T- Snap pea crisp -YUM!
W - Motts apple juice
W - Cadbury Chocolate
W- Feta Cheese
T - Kerry Gold Butter
T- Ice cream topper (Just ran out so getting a replacement)
P - Triscuits
W- pop tarts
W- cheese blocks (Colby and Mozzy)
W- String cheese
P and W - Yogurt
W- sleepy time tea
W- Pizza
T- Kid zone protein bars
P- Pudding
T-Leachable treat trays (For Halloween week)
T- 4 Mac and Cheese
T- 2 Plastic containers
T- 2 Dish Soaps

Publix Savings $4.63, Wal-Mart savings $0.00 Target Savings $3.74

After Disney we headed to Dinner and some grocery shopping at Wholefoods.  Ok mainly there to get honest Lemonade.  Its my favorite so when we're in Orlando I get a couple.  We also like to stock up on Kid z bars.  Yeah we could buy them in boxes at target but we like to have a variety and for $.69 a bar at wholefoods we actually save money. 
Saturday errands included a trip to SAMS for a couple of things we were running low on.

Wholefoods $33.45
Cat food (No wheat, byproducts or corn cat food) Not in photo
Cheap bottle of water for ride home.  Not in photo I drank it :o)
2 Blackberry water -YUM!
4 Lemonade
Pumpkin pie spice.
8 kid Z bars

SAMS $43.42
Ground Beef
Romaine Lettuce
Block of cheese not pictured
Halloween Book.  This was impulse but we really enjoyed the Christmas book last year so when I saw this one we wanted it.

                                       This weeks Grocery/household TOTAL $148.92

                                                    See you next week!

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